Est. 1984

1984 saw the birth of the Apple Mac, Sweden won Eurovision, O-Levels became GCSEs and Band Aid's 'Do They Know it's Christmas' hit #1 (and every festive party playlist since). Virgin Atlantic flew its maiden voyage, Murder She Wrote made its TV debut, John Galliano graduated from St Martins with his infamous degree show and Arnold Schwarzenegger said "I'll be back" for the first time. The Filofax was the ultimate status symbol and it was the last year that the £1 pound note was in circulation. Ugly Betty, Prince Harry, Katy Perry, Alexander Wang and Scarlett Johansson were all born in '84, and on Christmas Eve so was I.

We’ve seen the Saint Laurent robot inspired campaign, Coachella revelers got a sneak peak, yet unfortunately we’re still waiting for the full version of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ music video feat. Pharrell and Nile Rodgers.

Here’s the teaser released this weekend that’s already got me in a pool disco state of mind. Soundtrack to Summer 2013…?

I reckon.

Designer Jimmie Karlsson - one half of London design duo @JIMMIEMARTIN - chats furniture, interior graffiti and a client called Madonna


Darth-Vadar’s-Twin-Gay-Bass-Playing-Brother-Realness by @YSL vs. Daft Punk

Darth-Vadar’s-Twin-Gay-Bass-Playing-Brother-Realness by @YSL vs. Daft Punk


'Rebel With A Cause'

@LouisSmith1989 MBE’s (‘scuse me!) new Topman Generation menswear campaign for @TopmanUK - I’ll take a ride…


Oooh - Mr @MarcJacobsIntl as Diet Coke’s 30th Anniversary Hunk - definitely time to celebrate.

Here to Stay

Was recently introduced to Sharp & Dapper via twitter (@sharpanddapper) and I’ve already been won-over.

The menswear accessories brand based in Notting Hill was founded by Durham Atkinson & Johan Ekelund and focuses on three rather specific wardrobe staples; trouser braces (clip, buttoned + clip-on-buttoned), socks and ‘shirt-companions’ - I confess the latter was an education for me. For those equally unfamiliar, shirt-companions or ‘stays’ simply keep your shirt neatly tucked in a similar fashion that braces keep one’s trousers up. Watch instructional video (above) if you’re still confused!

Durham & Ekelund

The product itself goes back to the 1870s and has been widely used by military, waiters, hotel staff and alike, yet despite its history the shirt companion feels positively current. Pops of colour vamping up accessories, teamed with edgy packaging, photography and brand design, has turned this into a modern mans accessory and not just for the City boys. Est.1984 is particularly fond of the tattooed models cast for the brand’s imagery, nicely illustrating how looking dapper is a lifestyle choice that can be adapted by all style types. At a time when menswear fashion is fast moving to the forefront, many ‘blokes’ could certainly learn a thing or two about looking sharp. I feel confident to pen designers Atkinson and Ekelund as ones-to-watch in this uber-niche market that they’ve chosen, and look forward to seeing what next for Sharp & Dapper in functional fashion.